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Product no.: WH1000

ABS rotor sensor special nut tool ( front suspension ) for:

XK:  all cars

X308:  all cars


139.45 *

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Product no.: WH1005

Special tool for timing chain repairs on following cars:

XF:  all 4.2l V8

New XK:  all 3.5l and 4.2l V8

XJ X350/358:  all 3.5l and 4.2l V8

S-Type:  all 4.0l and 4.2l V8

XK:  all 4.0l and 4.2l V8

X308:  all 3.2l and 4.0l V8

Range Rover Sport ( > 2013 ):  all 4.2l V8

Range Roover LM:  all 4.2l V8

307.71 *

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Product no.: WH1010

Special tool Jaguar BBS wheel screws for:

XJ X350/358:   20" Sepang wheels

S-Type:  18" Monaco, Melbourne and Indianapolis wheels

X-Type:  18" Melbourne and Indianapolis wheels

XK:  18" Milan, 20" Detroit, Paris, RX2 and Montreal wheels

X308:  18" Milan and 19" Montreal wheels

20.47 *

In stock


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